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Internal Rules


Rules are never funny, but they are made for the good of all and must be followed.

Arrival / Departure : The Tenant must appear on the specified day and at the times mentioned on the rental contract. The Tenant is asked to inform the Lessor of his arrival time as soon as possible (it is scheduled for 4 p.m.). In the event of late or delayed arrival, the customer must notify the Lessor by telephone on It is also requested to respect the departure time foreseen at 11 a.m in the rental contract.

Key and badge : In the event of loss or theft, notify the Lessor who may invoice the cost of the key or badge on proof.

Parking : Vehicles must be parked in the spaces provided for this purpose. One vehicle is authorized per cottage.

Swimming pool : Access to the swimming pool, 1m30 (10x4m) deep, is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from mid-June to early September. Access is free and unattended. You should use the code provided to deactivate the alarm and provide towels to use the pool. Children, even knowing how to swim, must be accompanied by their parent (s). The furniture can be moved within the pool area but must be put back into place after use.
Likewise, the cleanliness of the premises must be respected.
The swimming pool is shared between the owner, his family and the tenants of the La Ganache, Les Mirettes and La Paluche lodgings.

Other leisure equipment : Various leisure equipment (Ping-Pong, Badminton, etc.) is made available to the Tenant which must be put away at the end of use and for which any damage or malfunction must be reported. The use of outdoor games by children is the sole responsibility of the parents or caregivers.
Bikes loan: 2 bikes and a baby seat are available and loaned free of charge to the tenants of the cottages. Therefore, the owner should be warned before any use.
Board games: Several board games are available in the conservatory area. Before any loan, the Tenant will indicate the game or games borrowed on the monitoring sheet (displayed in the veranda), in order to facilitate loans between tenants.

Visits / Visitors : The cottage must only be used by the tenants indicated in the contract. For any entry by outside persons, it is necessary to ask the authorization of the owner.

Pets : For security reasons, due to the presence of cats (Oggy and Obi-Wan), sheeps and chickens on the property, pets cannot be accepted. For reasons of safety and hygiene for future tenants, it is requested not to let cats in the house.

Equipment and supplies : The furniture present inside the cottage must not be moved outside and the equipment and supplies made available must not leave the property and must be returned to their place after use.
For any breakage or damage, the tenant must notify the Lessor. In the event of breakage concerning the dishes (within a reasonable amount, you will not be charged), the Tenant should notify the Lessor so that he can replace it for future tenants.

Instructions to smokers : It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the cottages. Please do not throw your cigarettes on the lawn or on the terrace adjoining the cottage, as well as on the edge of the property. You have ashtrays available to you on the terrace and in the outdoor areas.

Maintenance / Housekeeping : Do not throw anything in the toilet, wipes of any kind whatsoever must be placed in the trash. A vacuum cleaner, brooms, mop and cleaning products are available in the cottage. These products are intended to be used on-site for the maintenance of the leased premises, and in no case to be taken away. Abnormally dirty floors and / or walls will be considered as damage. Two garbage cans are available in the car parks (sorting). Glasses are not authorized in these containers, a glass collector is available in each of the lodgings and the disposal of which is the responsibility of the tenant.
Important Ganache: Products based on bleach or ammonia are prohibited due to individual sanitation.
PS: Linen must be put on the pillows and duvets used, for tenants who have not taken the service concerned.
For people who do not take the cleaning fee, it is requested to put your rental in order: cleaning done in full (floor, windows, ...), clean dishes and stored in the cupboards, household appliances and barbecue cleaned, empty bins, sheets and towels.
For people who take the cleaning package, it is requested to put your rental in order: clean dishes and stored in the cupboards, household appliances and barbecue cleaned, garbage cans emptied, sheets and towels.

Prohibited areas : Places not described in the contract are reserved for the exclusive use of the owner and access is prohibited.