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Terms of Sales 


The rental contract is intended for the exclusive use of the "Le Rameau" gîte. The rental is subject to the unqualified approval of the rental contract by the signatory major tenant responsible for the group. No modification, erasure or surcharge will be accepted in the drafting of the contract without the agreement of both parties.

The rental is fixed for a fixed period fixed in the contract. The tenant may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises outside the rental period. In the event of arrival after the date or at the scheduled time, no price reduction will be made and departure will be on the date and at the time agreed to under the terms of this contract. In case of early departure of the Tenant, there will be no refund.

The Lessor provides the accommodation in accordance with the description he made of it under the contract. The rental is concluded as a temporary residence and for pleasure. Unless the Lessor's written agreement, the gîte cannot be used as main or secondary accommodation and cannot be sublet. Similarly, the Tenant may not practice any commercial, craft or professional activity there. All other areas of the property not described in the contract are reserved for the exclusive use of the owner or other tenants and access is prohibited. The equipment made available must in no case leave the accommodation. The Lessor cannot in any case be responsible for accidents or damage that may occur on the property, on the parking lot or in the maneuvers of access or exit from the site.
All interior spaces are non-smoking in accordance with current legislation.

The lodging is placed under the whole and full responsibility of the Tenant. He is the only person empowered to take and hand over the keys as well as the inventory and inventory exercise. He is in charge of the application of the rental contract and the smooth running of his group's stay. The Tenant will enjoy the rental in a peaceful manner and will make good use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises. He will report to the owner all claims and damage that would occur in the rented premises even if no apparent damage results, which will then be subject to repair billed to the tenant.
The tenant is jointly responsible for the good conduct of the people in his group as well as for the damage that they could cause and is liable for all damage caused to the premises, furniture, appliances and installations jointly with the author of the damage. 'undertakes not to do anything that could disturb the tranquility or bring any disturbance of enjoyment or nuisance to the neighborhood.

The number of people can in no case be greater than the capacity indicated in the contract.
The lessor may refuse additional persons without notice or compensation.
This refusal can in no case be considered as a modification or a breach of the rental contract.
Guests: for any entry by external person (s), the Tenant will first ask for authorization from the lessor Lessor.

Article 6 - PETS
Pets can be accepted subject to the owner's agreement.

The reservation will only become effective upon receipt, within 7 days, of a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount and a copy of the contract dated, signed and initialed by the Tenant. Failing receipt of the contract and the deposit within the time limit, the contract will be considered null and void and the Lessor may dispose of his rental, without the latter being obliged to inform the Tenant.

In case of late booking (less than 30 days before the rental period) the rental amount is paid in full upon booking.

The prices are indicated and payable in euros, they include VAT, per accommodation and for the dates and duration of stay chosen and confirmed. The prices include energy consumption of water and electricity (see art.12) and the television license fee. Tourist tax and optional services are not included and must be paid in addition.
- Cleaning package out: 65 €
-Towels : 7 € / pers.
- Bed linen : 14 € / bed
The means of payment accepted are bank transfers, cash, checks and ANCV holiday checks.
A deposit of 30% is paid when booking using a bank transfer, check or ANCV holiday vouchers as appropriate. The balance is to be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the stay.
In the event of late booking (less than 30 days before the rental period) the rental amount is paid in full upon booking.

Article 9 - TOURIST TAX
The tourist tax is a local tax which the Tenant must pay to the Lessor who then transfers it to the Public Treasury.
The tourist tax is collected on the basis of a variable rate (5% of the cost HT per person of the night) for furnished accommodation without classification or awaiting classification:
Cost HT / Pers. of the night = Price of the accommodation excluding tax for the stay / Number of nights of the stay / Number of occupants over 18 years.
(source: pornic.taxesejour.fr)

Upon delivery of the keys, a security deposit, the amount of which is indicated on the contract, is requested by the Lessor, who undertakes to keep these regulations as a pledge under the terms of arts. 2071 and following of the Civil Code. It will be returned at the latest within 7 days of the end of the stay, less the cost of restoring the premises or if damage has been noted. Likewise, if it is not possible to carry out an inventory at the time of departure (night or early departure). The amount of any deductions must be duly justified by the Lessor on the basis of an exit inventory, quotes, invoices, etc. If the security deposit proves to be insufficient, the Tenant agrees to supplement the sum on the basis of the supporting documents provided by the Lessor. The security deposit can in no case be considered as participation in the payment of the rental.

Cleaning is not included in the price. Upon arrival, a deposit of 65 € (check or cash) will be required. It will be returned at the end of the stay, if the premises are returned in the state they were found on arrival. If the cleaning of the equipment and the premises is not done or in an unsatisfactory manner, the cleaning necessary for the restoration, will be systematically invoiced according to the price indicated on the contract, that is to say 65 €, and the deposit will not be returned.
This provision does not apply if the Tenant has chosen the cleaning option at the end of the stay.
On the day of departure, the Tenant agrees, and this even in the case of payment of the cleaning fee, to empty the trash, empty and clean the fridge and freezer, leave a clean and tidy dishes, return the furniture and equipment to their place of origin and remove the sheets from the beds.

If reasonable use, water and electricity charges are included. Therefore, in the absence of tenants, turn off the lights, appliances, taps, etc. The Lessor reserves the right to invoice the charges if it finds improper use and non-compliance with these provisions.

The inventory and inventory of furniture and various equipment will be made contradictorily at the beginning and at the end of the stay by the Lessor or his representative and the Tenant. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory. The state of cleanliness of the gîte upon arrival of the Tenant must be noted in the inventory.

The tenant agrees to respect and enforce the internal regulations related to the structure of the stay.

Any cancellation for any reason whatsoever must be notified as soon as possible by email with a registered letter. Cancellation before arrival at the premises: the deposit remains with the Lessor, who may request the balance of the stay, if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the scheduled date of entry to the premises.
If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours of the arrival date indicated on the contract, this contract becomes void and the Lessor can dispose of his lodging. The deposit also remains with the Lessor, who will request payment of the balance of the rental. Shortened stay: the rental price remains with the Lessor and there will be no refund

In the event that the Lessor is required to cancel the stay, he will inform the Lessee as soon as possible. The full amount paid will be refunded and compensation, at least equal to the penalty that the tenant would have borne if the cancellation had been made by him on that date, will be paid.

Article 17 - INSURANCE
The Tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him. He is required to be insured by a resort type insurance contract for these various risks. A "Resort" insurance certificate may be required prior to entering the premises.
This document is in principle given free of charge upon simple request to its insurance company.

Article 18 - DISPUTES
The Lessor reserves the absolute right to terminate, without notice or compensation, any contract the object or cause of which turns out to be incompatible with the destination of the premises. The Lessor is exempt from all liability in the event of partial or total performance of the contract resulting from a fortuitous event due to a third party or an act of God (weather, natural disasters, fire, water damage) , other claims or severe ban, terrorist attacks, administrative closings).
Any complaint relating to a duly argued stay must be addressed to the Lessor.